57-year-old this man told real love is

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Not afraid of tiredness, just afraid to stay regret…

Love is asking in the ear, love is staying in bed, love is taking you to see the scenery of the rest of your life!

57-year-old Wang Xiaomin told the love of the older generation with guardianship, when asked “What is love?”

Wang Xiaomin said with a smile: “I don’t understand love, love is probably responsible, companionship and action.”

Wang Xiaomin and his wife Yu Yonghua from Wuhu, Anhui, lived a bland and happy life. In 2013, his wife gradually became unfeasible and made it all stop. For more than four years, Wang Xiaomin has become the “guardian deity” of his wife, and on the premise of ensuring her safety, she did everything she could to take her through half of China.

In July 2013, Yu Yonghua walked and wrestled frequently. Wang Xiaomin took his wife to check around. After one year, his wife was diagnosed. The doctor told them that the situation would be worse and worse, and they could only live for another 3 to 5 years.

“She followed me at the age of 18, 37 years, how can I be willing to leave her?” In order to let his wife “walk” slower, Wang Xiaomin decided to leave everything and take care of his wife. After opening the phone, Wang Xiaomin often ordered directly Have a group chat to see if you have any news related to nursing. In order to learn more about relevant knowledge, he often joins the family group and communicates with his family members. It also allows him to learn how to phlegm his wife.

“I haven’t slept completely in four years.” Wang Xiaomin has long been accustomed to the life that is always needed. In order to take care of his wife, he stayed in step, staying beside his wife even for lunch.

At present, his wife Yu Yonghua can’t move other parts except his head, and he can’t express his wishes in words. Whenever his body is uncomfortable or his posture is wrong, he can only “hum” or let Wang Xiaomin know by grinding his teeth. When you hear this kind of voice, you will always ask. “Is the leg uncomfortable?” “The arm?”… Usually Wang Xiaomin needs to ask five or six questions to know his wife’s thoughts.

I don’t want to regret my wife’s travel

In July 2014, in order to cheer up his wife, he decided to take his wife to travel and accompany her in the last days of life to see the beautiful landscapes without regret. “I can’t add length to her life. I try to widen the width of her life.”

After obtaining his wife’s consent, he took a map and pointed to the location on the map. The wife nodded and shook her head to tell him where he wanted to go.

The first stop was Tibet. He took a tent, clothes, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar… In his old car, he drove to Tibet by car, and it took him a month to go back and forth.

On July 22, Wang Xiaomin climbed up Huangshan in Anhui with his wife carrying more than 30 kilograms. From 6 am to 6 pm, for a full 12 hours, he finally took his wife to the top of the mountain.

“I want to buy her an oxygen suction machine and a sputum suction device, but my wife is unwilling, and I have no money. Some equipment costs 50,000 yuan.” Speaking of which, Wang Xiaomin’s eyes were wet. Currently, he and his wife live on a pension of 1,800 yuan a month, and travel expenses are also accumulated for a long time.

But in their stories, have you seen the truest appearance of love again? Companionship, guardianship, responsibility… It is true love that can survive the indifference after the love, and share the pain with the love. After reading this story, do you believe in the beauty of love again?

Sharing is Caring

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