Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTuber

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DaVinci Resolve 

Probably the most advanced YouTube video editing applications, DaVinci Resolve has an intuitive interface that makes editing easier. Advanced features supplied by the applications, including advanced trimming, audio mastering, color correction, and Multicam editing. You might also add 2D and 3D titles to your videos and give them a pro touch. The only con of DaVinci Resolve is that there are too many attributes, which may overwhelm a beginner. In addition, not all of the tutorials are free ’s an added price you’ll have to pay to learn the software. 


VideoPad is the best video editing application for YouTube on Windows. If you would like to try your hand at video compositions, we advise you to utilize this software. It isn’t for advanced editors as they’ll discover that it’s too essential. Some features provided by the applications contain sound effects library, pre-made transitions, camera shake reduction, 3D video editing, and supports resolutions. Among the best features of VideoPad is that it lets you export videos to YouTube along with other social network platforms directly. 


Lightworks is among the best free video editing applications for YouTube with strong capabilities. It’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. It’s free software, however, there’s a superior version available only for $25 a month. However, you don’t need to buy that since the free version offers some advanced features like Multicam service precision video trimming and export to 720p to YouTube. 

It supports a wide selection of video formats as well. One massive advantage of Lightworks is that you get access to a lot of tutorial videos. Sadly, 4K video service for Youtube and Vimeo only comes along with the superior version. It isn’t too advanced either, which means you’ll have to change the software or purchase the paid version once your YouTube channel starts rising. 


If you’re a Mac or even MacBook user, iMovie is the best free video editing software for you. It’s an intuitive interface and also a tool for learners to furnish their skills and get ready for utilizing advanced applications. In case you don’t upload on a regular basis on YouTube, you may continue using iMovie as it’s got a number of features including editing, video trimming, pre-made transitions, 4K resolution assistance, and split-screen. It’s easy to learn. The downside of using this software is that it may take too long to export the video, which will delay the upload. 

Machete Video Editor Lite 

Machete Video Editor Lite is another wonderful free video editing software that runs only on Windows computers and laptops. It’s available in two versions — free and paid. At the free version, it supports only two video formats, including AVI and WMV. The paid version costs $19.95 and gives access to sound editing and supports a number of formats. It’s best known for its video splicing feature but as it is a basic software.

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