Alicia Allain’s Net Worth: Bio, Height, Weight, Career, Wife &More Net Worth $1 million

Alicia Allain’s sudden demise has sparked intense curiosity regarding her financial standing, with estimates placing her net worth at $1 million at the time of her passing. Reports suggest she earned approximately $50,000 monthly, underscoring her financial stability.

Despite the public interest, details about the sources of her wealth remain undisclosed, setting her apart from many public figures whose financial information is widely accessible. 

While her net worth breakdown remains elusive, it’s evident that her contributions to the entertainment industry, both as an actress and entrepreneur, were pivotal in her financial success. Alicia’s unwavering dedication to her craft and entrepreneurial ventures undoubtedly paved the way for her accumulation of wealth over her career.

Alicia Allain’s Net WorthAlicia Allain's Net Worth

Alicia Allain’s net worth at the time of her passing was estimated to be $1 million, largely stemming from her career as a producer of 19 films and her co-founding of “CBoD.” Despite efforts to uncover the specifics, details regarding her wealth remain undisclosed, adding to the intrigue. Nonetheless, her contributions to the entertainment industry as both an actress and entrepreneur undoubtedly played a significant role in her financial success.

Who is Alicia Allain?Who is Alicia Allain?

Alicia Allain, a renowned American filmmaker and performer, is celebrated for her captivating and skillful portrayals on screen. With credits that span across notable productions such as “Confined Dread” (1991), “The Identification” (2002), and “Leather Coats” (1991), Allain has consistently delivered compelling performances that have left a lasting impression on audiences. Beyond her talents in front of the camera, she also excels behind the scenes as a filmmaker, contributing to the creative landscape of the industry.

Allain’s rise to prominence was further propelled by her association with the esteemed American actor John Schneider, renowned for his expertise in the entertainment realm.

 As the wife of Schneider, Allain became a prominent figure in her own right, garnering attention not only for her talents but also for her personal life intertwined with the world of Hollywood.

 Together, they formed a dynamic duo that captured the hearts of many, solidifying their status as influential figures in the realm of American entertainment.

Alicia Allain Biography

Alicia Allain, a renowned actress, and filmmaker, garnered widespread attention when her bid for British citizenship was denied, casting a spotlight on her remarkable life story. Born on July 14th, 1969, Allain’s journey is marked by resilience and perseverance. Tragically, on February 21, 2023, she succumbed to breast cancer, leaving behind a lasting legacy that continues to inspire countless individuals.

Allain’s foray into the film industry began humbly, starting as a hairstylist. However, fueled by her passion for creative expression and storytelling, she swiftly rose to prominence. Through sheer tenacity and diligence, she captivated audiences with her captivating performances, both in front of and behind the camera.

Despite achieving significant professional success, Allain encountered numerous personal challenges, notably the legal battle over her citizenship. The denial of her British citizenship dealt a harsh blow, yet Allain faced this adversity with her characteristic grace and resilience. Undeterred, she persisted in her artistic pursuits with unwavering determination, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

Alicia Allain Wiki:

Attribute Details
Name Alicia Allain
Date of Birth July 14, 1969
Age 53 years old (Passed Away)
Birthplace United States of America
Marital Status Divorced
Husband(s) Patrick Dollard, John Schneider
Nationality American
Father’s Name Michael
Mother’s Name Linda Marino Allain
Religion Christian
Weight 57 kg
Height 5 feet 6 inches (5.6 feet)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Net Worth $500,000

Alicia Allain’s Early Life

Alicia Allain’s journey began as a hairstylist in the entertainment industry, where she swiftly carved a niche for herself. Transitioning from behind the scenes to the forefront, she emerged as a distinguished American actor and producer, earning acclaim for her exceptional talent and unwavering determination in the competitive realm of Hollywood.

 Driven by her passion for storytelling, Alicia’s contributions to the film industry garnered widespread recognition.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Alicia led a vibrant life filled with exploration and adventure. Her love for travel took her to various corners of the globe, where she found inspiration in diverse landscapes and cultures.

 An avid painter and photographer, Alicia channeled her creativity through artistic endeavors, embracing a range of mediums and techniques to express herself freely. Her lively personality and infectious energy endeared her to many, adding to her multifaceted persona both on and off the screen.

Alicia Allain Age

Alicia Allain was born on July 14th, 1969, making her age 53 at the time of her passing. Throughout her life, she exhibited a deep passion for the performing arts, which she pursued with dedication and enthusiasm. Despite her untimely death, her legacy continues to inspire many in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Alicia Allain Weight HeightAlicia Allain Weight Height

Alicia Allain stood at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (5.6 feet) and maintained a weight of 57 kilograms. Her physical attributes, combined with her talent and charisma, contributed to her presence both on and off the screen.

Alicia Allain’s parents

Alicia Allain’s parents were Michael Allain and Linda Marino Allain. They provided her with a loving upbringing in South Louisiana, nurturing her passion for the performing arts from an early age. Michael and Linda played integral roles in Alicia’s life, supporting her journey in the entertainment industry and shaping her into the remarkable individual she became.

Alicia Allain Family

Alicia Allain’s journey commenced on July 14th, 1969, in South Louisiana, where she was born to her loving parents, Michael and Linda Marino Allain. From an early age, Alicia displayed a profound passion for the performing arts, particularly acting, foreshadowing her future career in the limelight. Alongside her, Alicia shared her upbringing and adventures with her elder brother, Brandy Michael Allain.

In 2015, Alicia crossed paths with John Schneider, marking the beginning of a remarkable friendship. Initially collaborating on movie projects under John’s guidance, their relationship gradually blossomed into a clandestine romance. While they chose to keep their love private, occasional glimpses were shared on social media. In 2019, John publicly declared Alicia as his wife, with the couple exchanging vows on September 29th, 2019, although the exact wedding date remained undisclosed.

Before Alicia, John had experienced two previous marriages – first to Tawny Little from 1983 to 1986, followed by Elly Castle from 1993 to 2019. However, it was with Alicia that he found enduring love until her passing.

Jessica Ann Dollard, Alicia’s daughter from her 1994 marriage to John Patrick Dollard, was also an integral part of her family. Despite preferring a low profile, Jessica shared a close bond with Alicia. Her mother’s untimely death undoubtedly left her profoundly shaken.

Alicia Allain’s Personal Life

Alicia Allain’s marital journey was a mix of joy and challenges. In 1994, she married Patrick Dollard, with whom she shared parenthood and partnership. However, after four years, they parted ways, finalizing their divorce in 1999. Alicia then focused on rebuilding her life and career, remaining single until she met 80’s celebrity John Schneider in 2014.

John, having experienced two previous marriages, found companionship with Alicia despite their past marital histories. Their love flourished, culminating in marriage as they supported each other through life’s ups and downs. Their story reminds us that genuine love can often be found in unexpected places, bringing happiness and contentment amidst life’s uncertainties.

Alicia Allain  Love and MarriageAlicia Allain  Love and Marriage

In 1994, Alicia Allain tied the knot with her first husband, Patrick Dollard. After four years of marriage and the birth of their child, the couple decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 1999. Allain remained single for some time before crossing paths with 80’s celebrity John Schneider in 2014. Schneider, having experienced two previous marriages, found himself drawn to Allain despite his past marital history. 

Alicia Allain Husband

Alicia Allain has experienced marriage and divorce twice in her life. Her first marriage was to actor and producer Patrick Dollard in 1994, lasting for five years until their divorce in 1999, citing personal reasons. 

The couple shares one child together. On July 16, 1983, John Schneider, Allain’s subsequent spouse, married Tawny Little, and their marriage lasted for four years before ending in March 1986. Later, Schneider entered into a second marriage with Elly Castle in a private ceremony on July 11, 1993.

Becoming a Celebrity WifeBecoming a Celebrity Wife

Alicia Allain has been married twice and divorced once. Her first marriage was to actor and producer Patrick Dollard in 1994, lasting five years until their divorce in 1999. They have one child together. Later, Allain entered a relationship with John Schneider, who had previously been married twice. Schneider’s first marriage to Tawny Little ended in 1986 after four years, and his second marriage to Elly Castle faced legal complexities, including unpaid alimony and a brief jail term. Despite these challenges, Schneider expressed his commitment to Allain, opting for a pseudo-wedding until his divorce was finalized. Allain described the ceremony as a “wonderful celebration [and] sanctuary of love.”

Alicia Allain Career

Alicia Allain has experienced two marriages and one divorce. Her first marriage was to actor and producer Patrick Dollard in 1994, lasting for five years until their divorce in 1999. They share one child. Later, Allain began a relationship with John Schneider, who had previously been married twice. Schneider’s first marriage to Tawny Little ended in 1986 after four years, and his second marriage to Elly Castle faced legal complications, including unpaid alimony and a brief jail term.

 Despite these challenges, Schneider remained committed to Allain, and they opted for a pseudo-wedding until his divorce was finalized. Allain fondly described the ceremony as a “wonderful celebration [and] sanctuary of love.”

 Alicia Allain’s vision for the future

Alicia Allain envisions a future where creativity flourishes without constraints, where diversity and inclusivity are embraced, and where artists are empowered to express themselves freely. She remains committed to creating impactful content while inspiring and empowering others along the way.

Alicia Allain’s journey from a rising star to a powerhouse in the entertainment industry serves as an inspiration to many. Her exceptional talent, unwavering determination, and dedication to philanthropy have propelled her to success. Her net worth in 2024 reflects her achievements, while her collaborations and accolades have solidified her status as a respected figure in Hollywood. As we anticipate her continued creativity and passion, Alicia Allain’s future shines as brightly as her remarkable past.

Alicia Allain Illness

Alicia Allain courageously battled Stage 4 breast cancer in 2019, despite doctors’ prognosis of only a few years left to live. The exact cause of her passing remains unknown, but it’s assumed that her rigorous fight against the formidable cancer took a toll on her. 

Throughout her ordeal, Allain’s family attests to her unwavering hope and determination, as she fought relentlessly until her final moments.

Alicia Allain Schneider’s cause of death

On February 21st, 2022, the unexpected news of Alicia Allain’s passing sent shockwaves through the community. Reports surfaced, indicating that the beloved American actress and producer had been battling breast cancer, a battle she ultimately succumbed to. The following day, Alicia’s husband, John Schneider, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, initiating a wave of grief among their circle. As arrangements for her final farewell began, Alicia’s family grappled with the profound loss they now faced. 

Her journey came to a poignant end in Holden, Louisiana, where she bravely fought against cancer until the very end. Her passing left a deep sense of sorrow, especially for her daughter, Jessica Ann Dollard, and grieving husband, John Schneider, both struggling to cope with the immense void left by her absence.

Alicia Allain Facts

  • Alicia Allain was born in South Louisiana on July 14, 1969, displaying a keen interest in performance from a young age.
  • She married John Schneider, best known for his role in “Dukes of Hazzard,” solidifying her ties to the entertainment industry.
  • Initially, Allain worked as a hairstylist before transitioning into acting, showcasing her versatility and determination.
  • She founded Maven Entertainment, a significant milestone in her career journey, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Alongside notable films like “Leather Jackets,” “The Badge,” and “Caged Fear,” Allain appeared in several other well-known movies, showcasing her acting prowess.
  • Despite her talents and achievements, Allain faced the formidable challenge of battling breast cancer long before her untimely passing on February 21, 2022.

Final Words

Alicia Allain was not only an actress but also a passionate entrepreneur with a resilient spirit. Her journey in the entertainment industry began humbly as a hairstylist before she rose to prominence as an actor and producer. Collaborating closely with John Schneider, she crafted impactful movies that continue to resonate with audiences.

 Despite facing adversity, Alicia’s dedication to her craft remained unwavering. Her untimely passing may have been a loss, but her legacy lives on through her work, her family, and the countless individuals she inspired with her talent and compassion.

FAQs about Alicia Allain:

What was Alicia Allain’s net worth?

Alicia Allain’s net worth at the time of her passing was estimated to be $1 million. However, specific details about the sources of her wealth remain undisclosed.

What was Alicia Allain’s career before acting?

Before gaining fame as an actress, Alicia Allain worked as a hairstylist in the entertainment industry.

Who was Alicia Allain married to?

Alicia Allain was married to actor and producer Patrick Dollard in 1994, and later to John Schneider, a renowned actor best known for his role in “Dukes of Hazzard.”

Did Alicia Allain battle any illnesses?

Yes, Alicia Allain bravely battled Stage 4 breast cancer from 2019 until her passing in 2022.

What was the cause of Alicia Allain’s death?

Alicia Allain succumbed to breast cancer on February 21, 2022.

What is Alicia Allain’s legacy?

Alicia Allain leaves behind a legacy of resilience, talent, and compassion, inspiring many through her work in the entertainment industry.


Alicia Allain’s journey from a hairstylist to a celebrated actress and producer is a testament to her talent, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite facing challenges, including battling breast cancer, Alicia remained dedicated to her craft and left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her legacy continues to inspire countless individuals, and she will be remembered fondly for her contributions to the world of film and television.
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