Brandon Walker’s Wife: Bio, Age, Early  Life, Career, Net Worth & Many More

Brandon Walker is a renowned sports betting analyst whose career trajectory has seen him rise to prominence through his roles at MyBookie and, notably, Barstool Sports. Hailing from Mississippi, Brandon embarked on his writing journey immediately after graduating from college. Despite facing initial challenges securing positions at larger publications, he persevered, taking on lower-paying roles until he caught the attention of Barstool Sports, which offered him a daily job.

Known for his unwavering dedication and honest opinions, Brandon’s work ethic is exemplary. He doesn’t let obstacles deter him, even going as far as conducting interviews while battling illness. His commitment to his craft has opened doors for him to interact with renowned athletes and travel extensively across the United States, often aboard private jets. Brandon’s journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and passion in achieving professional success.

Who is Brandon Walker’s Wife?

Brandon Walker has been married to Amanda Dunaway for over ten years, and while they maintain a significant level of privacy about their relationship, Amanda’s support for Brandon’s career is evident. Originally from Booneville, Mississippi, Amanda works as an instructor at Itawamba Community College. Despite their privacy preference, it’s clear that Amanda has been a pillar of support for Brandon, especially during pivotal moments like his relocation to New York to join Barstool Sports.

Who is Brandon Walker?

Brandon Walker is a dynamic personality known for his significant contributions to the world of sports gambling analysis and entertainment. With a background as an alumnus of Mississippi State University, he has carved a niche for himself as a prominent figure within the industry. 

Brandon’s journey to prominence was catalyzed by his role as a sports gambling analyst with Barstool Sports, where his sharp insights and engaging personality have captivated audiences. Despite any initial doubts about his trajectory, Brandon’s unwavering determination and talent have propelled him to success, earning him a loyal following and recognition for his expertise. Beyond his professional endeavors, Brandon is also a devoted husband and father, cherishing the joys of family life while continuing to pursue his passion for sports and media.


NameBrandon Walker
Age(Not disclosed)
OccupationSports Betting Analyst
DOB(Not disclosed)
Star Sign(Not disclosed)
Ethnicity(Not disclosed)

Brandon Walker’s Early Life

Despite encountering initial challenges in his career, he persisted, ultimately catching the attention of Barstool Sports, which presented him with a significant opportunity. At Barstool, Brandon’s unfiltered commentary sets him apart, allowing him to express himself freely and create engaging content.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brandon Walker is a devoted family man. His social media presence often provides glimpses into his family life, showcasing his happiness in his role as a husband and father. Married and blessed with five children, along with a feline companion named Fluffy, Brandon prioritizes his family’s privacy, refraining from publicly disclosing their names. Throughout his career, his wife has been a steadfast source of support, celebrating his successes and making sacrifices such as relocating the family to New York to accommodate his career advancement at Barstool.

Brandon Walker Education

While specific details about Brandon Walker’s educational background are not publicly available, his trajectory from college in Mississippi to prominence in sports betting analysis underscores his unwavering commitment to his profession.

A gander at his Relationship, family

During the tumultuous times brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, many couples found themselves thrust into the unfamiliar territory of spending every waking moment together. 

However, for the Walkers, this period became a testament to their resilience and deep connection. Brandon candidly shared in a virtual interview that the pandemic strengthened their bond, fostering a space for meaningful conversations and shared experiences. 

He humorously recounted how his wife would sometimes catch him off guard with thought-provoking questions, injecting a playful spirit into their relationship even amidst the uncertainty. Despite Brandon’s inclination to keep his children out of the spotlight, glimpses into his family life reveal a loving dynamic. 

With their youngest child born in 2020, Brandon’s humorous remark about the similarities between having four and five kids offers a glimpse into the joyful chaos of their household.

 However, Brandon also acknowledges that their home isn’t always serene, hinting at the challenges and complexities that come with balancing family life.

The Meeting of Amanda Dunaway and Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway, graduates from Mississippi State University’s class of 2002, found themselves on a shared path during their college years. Their connection blossomed beyond the campus, leading them to embark on a journey of love and commitment. 

Following their graduation, they exchanged vows and began building a life together, which soon expanded to include the joy of parenthood with the arrival of four children.

In the realm of their professional pursuits, Brandon Walker has emerged as a prominent figure in the sports gambling industry, leveraging his insights and expertise as an analyst with Barstool Sports.

 His sharp wit and deep understanding of the sports world have garnered him a dedicated following. Meanwhile, Amanda Dunaway has found her calling as an educator, imparting knowledge and guidance as an instructor at Itawamba Community College. 

Through their respective careers, Brandon and Amanda not only excel in their fields but also complement each other’s passions and ambitions, enriching their shared journey with mutual support and admiration.


Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway, whose journey as a married couple spans over a decade, first encountered each other during their college years at Mississippi State University, where they graduated together in 2002. Their family dynamic is further enriched by the presence of their four children, including a son and three daughters.

In 2019, the couple embarked on a significant life transition, relocating from Mississippi to New Jersey to accommodate Brandon’s career progression as a sports gambling analyst with Barstool Sports. This move serves as a testament to the strength and mutual support within their relationship, with Brandon expressing deep gratitude for Amanda’s unwavering commitment to their family’s well-being.

Their joyful and cohesive family life is often showcased through their active presence on social media platforms, where they generously share glimpses of their cherished moments with loved ones. Through these posts, Brandon and Amanda offer a window into their bond, revealing a narrative of love, unity, and shared adventures as they navigate life’s twists and turns together.


BrandonWalker and Amanda Dunaway beam with pride as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, cherishing their roles as doting parents to four wonderful children. Among their brood, they delight in their son Tommy and three cherished daughters, with one affectionately named Emma Grace Walker. Each child brings their own unique personality and spirit to the family dynamic, enriching the household with laughter, love, and endless adventures. Brandon and Amanda’s devotion to their children shines through in every moment they share, creating a nurturing environment where their little ones can flourish and thrive. 

Brandon Walker’s Career

Brandon Walker embarked on his career journey in Mississippi, initially as a radio host and producer, where he covered local sports and news. His expertise extended to writing and editing for various publications, including SEC Country, Gridiron Now, and Mississippi Gridiron. Notably, he gained recognition for his passionate and well-informed commentary on college football, with a particular focus on his alma mater, Mississippi State University. In 2019, Brandon’s career took a significant turn when he was invited by Dave Portnoy, the founder and president of Barstool Sports, to join the company. Embracing this opportunity, he relocated from Mississippi to New York with his wife and four children.

Brandon’s Transition to Barstool Sports

Following his graduation from Mississippi State, Brandon embarked on a career as a writer, eventually climbing the ranks to become an editor. Despite his editorial success, he encountered challenges transitioning from small-town publications to larger media outlets. Despite his efforts to secure positions at prominent companies, Brandon found himself continually working for smaller publications.

Seeking stability for his growing family, Brandon faced setbacks in his quest for higher-paying positions. However, the opportunity at Barstool Sports seemed tailor-made for him.

After discussing with his wife, Brandon made the decision to join Barstool. He appreciates the company’s commitment to authenticity, allowing him to express himself freely without censorship. In an interview on Barstool’s YouTube channel, Brandon emphasized the company’s culture of authenticity, stating:

“Barstool is real, which means whatever you really are, that’s what you portray at Barstool. Whatever I really am, I portray at Barstool. It’s real. They turn the camera on, they give you a blog. You be you. The entire world is different than Barstool. . Barstool says, ‘Here everything! Go!’ It’s up to you.”

Brandon’s Wife’s Support and Their Bond during Quarantine

Brandon pleasantly surprised when informing his wife of their move to New York for his Barstool Sports job. Her positive reaction delighted him.

 Without hesitation, she wholeheartedly supported the decision, embracing the opportunity for Brandon’s career growth.

Her unwavering support was evident as she immediately took action, informing her employer and initiating plans for their relocation. Brandon marveled at her extraordinary support, describing it as “abnormal” in the best possible way. Reflecting on his own hypothetical reaction, Brandon admitted he might have introduced obstacles in her path, whereas she faced none.

The coronavirus pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity for Brandon and his wife to strengthen their bond. Amidst quarantine, they shared meaningful conversations and quality time together. However, Brandon humorously disclosed on Twitter that his wife had been posing uncomfortable questions, signaling her newfound focus on health and wellness. Despite the humorous tone, it’s evident that their bond continues to evolve and thrive through shared experiences and mutual support.

Brandon Walker’s journey at Barstool Sports is a testament to his determination and drive to prove himself in the industry. While acknowledging that his initial contract offer might have been sparked by external circumstances, Brandon made it his mission from day one to demonstrate his worthiness and talent. Despite any skepticism, he rose to prominence, carving out a name for himself through hard work and dedication.

Brandon’s Vision for His Son’s Future

Now, Brandon sees a reflection of his ambition in his 9-year-old son, Tommy. 

Among his four children, Tommy stands out for his keen interest in Brandon’s work and aspirations. Brandon fondly recalls Tommy’s eagerness to dive into the world of podcasting and video production, expressing a desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. Proud of his son’s enthusiasm and ambition, Brandon sees Tommy’s potential as boundless, believing that he could one day surpass his own achievements. As Brandon continues to pave the way in his career, he looks forward to supporting and nurturing Tommy’s budding talents, embracing the possibility of a legacy that transcends generations.

Brandon Walker’s Net Worth

Though precise figures regarding Brandon Walker’s net worth remain undisclosed, his pivotal position as a sports betting analyst at Barstool Sports and prior involvements with MyBookie undoubtedly play integral roles in his financial standing. Through his dedicated efforts in delivering compelling content and offering insightful commentary, Brandon has undoubtedly garnered considerable financial success.

 While the exact extent of his wealth remains private, it’s evident that his expertise and influence within the sports gambling industry have positioned him favorably in terms of financial stability and prosperity. Brandon’s continued commitment to his craft and his ability to resonate with audiences suggest a promising trajectory for his financial future.

Brandon Walker Facts

  • Brandon Walker’s family consists of his wife, five children, and a cat named Fluffy.
  • His wife has been a constant source of support throughout his career, even embracing the challenges of relocation for his job at Barstool Sports.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic served to strengthen Brandon’s bond with his family, as they navigated the challenges of the uncertain times together.
  • Brandon prioritizes the privacy of his children, opting to keep them away from the public eye.
  • Their youngest child was born in 2020, bringing both joy and chaos to their lively household.
  • Brandon occasionally shares anecdotes about his son Tommy, who has expressed interest in pursuing a career in the media industry.
  • Tommy dreams of starting his own video show, a goal that Brandon enthusiastically supports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Brandon Walker:

Who is Brandon Walker?

Brandon Walker is a renowned sports betting analyst known for his work with Barstool Sports and previous engagements with MyBookie. He rose to prominence through his insightful commentary and dedication to his craft.

How long has Brandon Walker been married?

Brandon Walker has been married to his wife, Amanda Dunaway, for over a decade.

How many children does Brandon Walker have?

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway are proud parents to five children, including one son and four daughters.

What is Brandon Walker’s wife’s profession?

Amanda Dunaway works as an instructor at Itawamba Community College.

Where is Brandon Walker originally from?

Brandon Walker hails from Mississippi.

What are some notable aspects of Brandon Walker’s career?

Brandon Walker’s career highlights include his roles as a sports betting analyst at Barstool Sports and his contributions to the industry through insightful commentary and engaging content.


Brandon Walker’s journey is characterized by perseverance, passion, and unwavering dedication to his career and family.

 From humble beginnings in Mississippi to his current role as a prominent sports betting analyst, Brandon’s commitment to authenticity and hard work has propelled him to success. Alongside his wife, Amanda Dunaway, and their five children, Brandon navigates the challenges and joys of life with resilience and a sense of adventure. Through his career achievements, familial bonds, and shared experiences, Brandon Walker exemplifies the power of perseverance, family support, and a relentless pursuit of one’s passions.

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