Can a Phone App Really Help You Quit Your Phone Addiction?

Do you randomly feel your smartphone vibrating, even when it doesn’t move? Have you always been hooked on your phone’s notifications, wondering if someone has texted you or not? 

There are two reasons for this: either you are a multi-billionaire who is running an international business across three different time zones, or, unfortunately, you are addicted to your phone. 

Well, considering the second reason to be the potential cause, this might be hindering your work productivity – thus, it’s time for you to hit that detox button! 

Mobile app development companies are the reason for producing excellent mobile apps, but now the same companies are developing apps that can help you quit your phone addiction.

Below are some of the finest apps enlisted that can help you get rid of your phone addiction. 


    The best way known to humanity can help get rid of not only phone addiction but any type of addiction is by diverting your mind to something useful and engaging. 

    Just like the name suggests, the app makes you spend your time planting trees. What you’ll get in return? Every tree you plant gives you virtual app coins that help you cash them after a certain point. 

    This is truly a great app idea by Appingine, one of the Best Mobile App Development Company in United States – try it and kill your phone addiction now! 


      This app helps users unplug by blocking distracting apps like Facebook and games and filtering communications. It also includes data on how many people really use their smartphones. 

      You can pick tailor-made modes like Work, Family, or Me Time to ensure that you have access to the stuff you need but aren’t distracted by what you don’t. Analytics of your cellphone and app utilization may be an essential wake-up call and let you change your habits.


        Moment tracks your tool utilization and permits you to set daily limits; the app notifies you in case you exceed them. You may even use a setting that “forces” you off your smartphone by flooding your screen with traumatic indicators when you try to extend your display screen time. 

        Moment can also be used for households, with the option to tune your family’s tool use out of your very own smartphone.


          BreakFree contains the usage tracking capabilities found in many similar apps, but it differs in that it breaks down the statistics into a clear-to-understand “dependency score.” It also suggests how frequently you liberate your telephone screen and comprehensively log your utilization for the day. 

          This system makes it an extremely good preference for people who want to set goals and assignments themselves. In an ironic twist, it could nearly be addictive to try to see how low you can get your dependency score.


            If you find that you need a more competitive technique for unplugging, Flipd is the app for you. Flipd allows you to lock your smartphone for a set period, and once you do, there is no going lower back. 

            Even restarting your cellphone may not turn off the app, so it’s not possible on the way to cheat! Flipd can even be used to remotely “flip off” one consumer from any other person’s device, which is useful for teams that want to hold each other on factor.


              Hooked on mobile video games? Can’t stop fresh Twitter? AppDetox can help you manage your fixation if apps are your kryptonite. 

              You can set your parameters on an app-by-app basis so you can access the app when it is not a disruption. Every time you break one of your policies, the app reminds you to put down your phone.

              Stay on Task

                Stay on Task facilitates your productiveness extra gently. The app, in reality asks in case you’re nevertheless on venture at random durations during your day. 

                Stay on task is basically your sticky notes app that keeps you notified about the task you have in hand. This will keep you under the pressure of getting done with your task, helping you keep yourself away from your smartphone. 

                If you get distracted without problems, this app may be a top-notch way to redirect your focus while your thoughts wander.  

                Final Thoughts!

                Addiction, be it phones or drugs, can kill the potential in a person. As drug addiction destroys your physical health, the addiction to smartphones is even worse. 

                It not only detrites your physical health by making you lazy but also destroys your mental health by keeping your mind intact to your phone all day long. 

                The apps enlisted above are some of the renowned ones that can help you overcome your phone addiction. Try one out and witness the perks yourself.

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