How Tall Is Deshae Frost, Biography, Age,Height, Career, And More

In the energetic universe of online diversion, Deshae Ice sparkles as a guide of comedic splendor, enthralling crowds with his irresistible humor and flexible gifts. From his unassuming starting points on Plant to ordering the stage close by famous jokesters, Deshae’s process is a demonstration of his steady devotion and unfathomable innovativeness.

Deshae Ice, brought into the world with a skill for parody, first found his comedic voice on the now-outdated Plant stage. With his speedy mind and inclination for smart productions, he immediately gathered a dedicated following, procuring him acknowledgment as one of Plant’s rising stars. His capacity to easily mix humor with engaging situations charmed him to crowds around the world, preparing for his transient ascent in media outlets.

As Plant bid goodbye, Deshae flawlessly changed to different stages, including YouTube, where he proceeded to feature his comedic ability. His recordings, portrayed by their humorous draws and drawing in narrating, reverberated with watchers, all things considered, further hardening his status as a comedic amazing powerhouse.

Past the bounds of the advanced domain, Deshae wandered into the universe of live satire, enthralling crowds with his charging exhibitions. Offering the stage to illuminators, for example, Tiffany Haddish and Faizon Love, Deshae won over be a considerable presence, inspiring giggling and commendation any place he went.

Notwithstanding his comedic tries, Deshae has likewise made progress as an entertainer, showing up in different short movies and TV programs. His regular appeal and unlimited energy make an interpretation of easily to the screen, spellbinding crowds with each paramount exhibition.

Deshae Ice’s process is a demonstration of the force of persistence and energy. From his unassuming starting points on Plant to directing the stage as a comedic light, Deshae keeps on rousing crowds with his novel kind of humor and certain ability. As he keeps on pushing the limits of satire, one thing stays certain: the world is anxiously anticipating what he’ll do straightaway.

Deshae Frost’s Biography, Age, and Childhood

Deshae Ice, the comedic wonder who has been spreading chuckling since January 9, 2001, hails from the delightful city of Seattle, Washington. At only twenty years of age, he’s now cut out a name for himself in the realm of satire, exhibiting his ability to crowds all over.

Brought into the world under the indication of Capricorn, Deshae exemplifies the assurance and desire normal for his zodiac sign. His blended identity and American roots mirror the different embroidery of his childhood, while his family assumes a critical part in forming his excursion.

While Deshae keeps the subtleties of his day to day life moderately private, we really do know a piece about his nearby family. His dad and mom like to avoid the spotlight, projecting a touch of secret around his relational peculiarity. In any case, Deshae’s sister, Brooklyn Ice, and his kin, Amare Ice, share in his excursion, offering backing and love en route.

Deshae’s obligation to his art reaches out past the stage, as proven by his devotion to instruction. His achievements say a lot about his hard working attitude and head to prevail in all parts of his life.

As Deshae keeps on developing as a humorist and performer, his foundations in Seattle act as a steady wake up call of where everything started. With every exhibition, he not just gives pleasure and chuckling to his crowd yet in addition respects the excursion that has carried him to where he is today.


Age23 years old (in 2024)
Date of BirthJanuary 9, 2001
Real NameDeshae Frost
ProfessionYouTuber, Rapper, Actor, Comedian
BirthplaceSeattle, Washington, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Early life

Deshae Ice, brought into the world on January 9, 2001, entered the world with a flash of innovativeness and humor that would later dazzle crowds around the world. While his dad’s personality stays a secret, his mom, Monique Carrillo, gave him the affection and backing expected to seek after his fantasies.

Deshae imparts a unique cling to his kin, Brooklyn Ice and Amare Ice, who have been close by all through his excursion. Among his family members is Smith Ice, an eminent web-based diversion persona and expert humorist, adding a dash of comedic ability to the family heredity.

Brought up in the energetic city of Seattle, Washington, Deshae accepted his initial training at a nearby optional school prior to encouraging his examinations at an esteemed organization in the state. It was during this time that Deshae found his enthusiasm for parody, at first leveling up his abilities as a professional comic prior to progressing to the computerized domain.

Wandering into the universe of online diversion, Deshae tracked down his specialty as a “Viner,” enthralling crowds with his speedy mind and interesting humor. Teaming up with individual web-based entertainment stars like Jay Versace and Kingbach, Deshae set his presence on the stage, procuring a devoted tracking with the way.

Deshae’s ability rose above the computerized scene, driving him to impart the stage to comedic heavyweights like Tiffany Haddish and Faizon Love. His exhibitions as an initial represent these famous comics displayed his capacity to order the stage and leave crowds in lines.

Notwithstanding his live exhibitions, Deshae has additionally gained ground in the realm of film and TV, showing up in different short movies and TV programs. Under the moniker Smith Ice, Deshae proceeds to engage and move crowds with his comedic virtuoso and unfathomable allure.

Deshae Ice’s process is a demonstration of the force of enthusiasm and determination. From his modest starting points in Seattle to gracing stages and screens around the world, Deshae’s comedic ability has no limits, making a permanent imprint on the universe of diversion.

Deshae Frost Height, Weight And Body measurement

Deshae Ice stands tall with a drawing in presence, his level estimated at around 5 feet 7 inches. Notwithstanding his normal level, he orders consideration with his charming attitude and irresistible enthusiasm.

Notwithstanding his height, Deshae keeps areas of strength for a, gauging around 67 kg all things considered. His commitment to wellness is obvious, adding to his general presence both on and off the stage.

With dim hair outlining his face and coordinating dim eyes that appear to shimmer with wickedness, Deshae has a striking appearance that supplements his comedic gifts. His particular elements add to his appeal, charming crowds with each presentation.

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight65 kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack


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