How to Write an Argumentative Essay Topics

During your academic journey your professor will ask you to write an argumentative essay which is also the part of your course. However, an argumentative is where student have to investigate a topic, collect data, and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. Moreover, it will develop your grammar and writing style while encouraging analytical thinking and can be helpful in both scholastic and professional careers. 

However, when student start working ont their essay they face different kind of problems such as: how to start the, how to do in-depth- research and most important how to pick up the best argumentative essay topics.

So, if you also face these problems and are also looking for the solutions then have come to the right place. Because in this blog post we will discuss what makes a good argument essay. Provide some speech topics. Furthermore, also tell you how you will choose the best Argumentative Essay Topics.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

In argumentative essay, student will conducts research and presents an argument on a specific topic. The goal of the essay is to convince the reader and agree with your viewpoint through logical reasoning and relavant data. Moreover, the argumentative have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion summarising your points and restating your position.

What Makes a Good Argumentative Essay?

  • Argument
  • Thesis 
  • Comprehensive research

Strong Argument

If you want to write a compelling essay which grab the attention of your readers, then try to start with a strong argument. Being with a topic for which you feel strongly about and construct a robust argument with reasons and proof. Keep in mind that, to convince the message to your reader, your argument needs to be well thought out and researched.


The argument is a formal and specific message, also known as your thesis. The thesis is your complex argument condensed into a single sentence. Your thesis should be well-reasoned, researched, and strong. All facts, data, must be able to back up this one-sentence thesis.


For an argumentative essay to be persuasive, it must be based on supported by extensive research. Before writing your thesis, use your argument to look for supporting evidence in scientific journals, studies, and newspapers. If, after conducting extensive research, you are unable to find sufficient research paper topics on your topic and/or argument, consider writing your argumentative essay on another topic.

How to Start Writing Argumentative Essay

  • Choose the topic
  • In-depth Research 
  • Outline 
  • Write 
  • Revise  

Trending Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should fracking be legal?
  • Should parents have the right to modify their unborn children?
  • Do GMOs benefit or harm humans?
  • Must children have a current immunisation record in order to attend public schools?
  • Should global governments get involved in addressing climate change?

Family Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the government offer rebates to encourage child bearing as a way of addressing the low birth rate?
  • Should parents be legally obliged to feed their kids in a way that would help them avoid obesity and ensure they exercise enough?
  • Should parents restrict the time their children spend on playing video games?
  • Are cell phones going to be prohibited during family and holiday events?
  • Discuss whether children should be allowed to sue their parents for negligence

Latest Health Argumentative Essay Topics 

  • Would universal healthcare increase healthcare access?
  • Will medical professionals be able to market pharmaceuticals to their patients?
  • Shall parents limit the number of activities their children participate in?
  • Are children more depressed than before?
  • Is there too much emphasis on diets in society?
  • Is fasting good for your health?

Ethics Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Will sex work be legalized?
  • Is it appropriate to substitute Indigenous Peoples’ Day for Columbus Day?
  • Is the death penalty appropriate?
  • Can experiments on animals be permitted?
  • Is it appropriate to decriminalise drug possession?

Economic Argumentative Essay Topics in 2024

  • Are unpaid internships allowed?
  • Is raising the minimum wage appropriate?
  • Are monopolies acceptable?
  • Does a universal basic income make sense?
  • Is the tax rate on corporations too high or too low?

Latest Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the federal government work harder to reduce the harmful effects of social media?
  • Do cellphones and social media improve relationships?
  • Will antitrust authorities impose restrictions on the size of large tech companies?
  • Will political advertisements be prohibited on social media platforms?
  • Can social media corporations be held accountable by the federal government for hate speech that appears on their platforms?
  • Do teen apps like Instagram and TikTok eventually make them less mentally well?
  • Should governments monitor the data management practices of social media platforms?
  • Can users of social media sites like Facebook be required to be a certain age to use them?

Sports Essay Topics

  • Do universities have to pay their student athletes?
  • What steps should sports leagues and teams take to close the gender pay gap?
  • Should young athletes stop keeping score on their teams?
  • Should violent sports like boxing and mixed martial arts be prohibited?
  • Should athletes be compelled to stand when the national anthem is played, as per the professional sports organisations?
  • Should high schools set a GPA requirement for their student athletes?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Politics

  • Which political party has the right ideology?
  • What should be done to reduce income inequality?
  • Is reducing the federal debt the most pressing problem of the day?
  • Is it necessary for the Federal Reserve to halt money production since it is causing an unmanageable bubble?
  • Is capitalism the best economic system?
  • Is socialism the best economic system?
  • Is America ready for a female president?
  • Is it better for an elected leader to strive for compromise, or should they represent the interests of their own political party?
  • Which political decision from recently has brought about the most change?
  • Does campaign finance reform work?

How to Argue Effectively in your essay

A strong argument is more than just having a valid point. If you will not properly support your point, your argument falls apart. One of the important things you can do to write a strong argumentative essay is to organise it properly. Your essay should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, also known as the introduction, body and opposition, and conclusion.

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