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Josh Winterhalt likes to stay under the radar in spite of being hitched to entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies. He knows about blended combative techniques (MMA) and is a MMA teacher. His association with Sarah has presented to him some consideration, especially because of her unmistakable job in the television series “Jail Break,” where she depicted Sara Tancredi.

In spite of being hitched for a considerable length of time, Josh has decided to avoid the spotlight, with little data accessible about him past his relationship with Sarah. This protection recommends he esteems his own life and likes to keep a degree of secrecy.

Who is Josh Winterhalt?

Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt’s romantic tale started during their school a long time at Dartmouth. They secured the bunch on July 21, 2002, denoting the beginning of a long lasting excursion together. Their association took the stand concerning the delights of life as a parent with the appearance of their most memorable youngster, a girl named Keala, brought into the world on July 20, 2007. The introduction of Keala without a doubt gave vast joy and new obligations into their lives, cementing their bond as a family.

Their excursion towards being a parent didn’t end there; the couple extended their family through reception, inviting a child named Oakes Wayne in 2013. This choice exhibited their profound obligation to establishing a cherishing and comprehensive family climate. In spite of their requesting professions, Sarah’s in acting and Josh’s in blended combative techniques guidance, they have focused on their family regardless of anything else.

Sarah and Josh’s relationship is a demonstration of persevering through affection, shared regard, and steady help for each other. While Sarah lounges at the center of Hollywood, Josh remains enduringly close by, liking to keep a calmer presence in the public eye. Their common encounters and obligation to one another without a doubt act as the establishment for their persevering and ecstatic marriage.

Josh Winterhalt Biography:

Josh Winterhalt, brought into the world on May 21, 1974, in the US, experienced childhood in an unassuming community with a profound energy for hand to hand fighting since early on. Acquainted with karate as a kid, he immediately fell head over heels for the game, showing commitment and ability from the beginning. Upheld by his folks, Winterhalt started contending in nearby competitions, where he exhibited his abilities and began amassing awards.

Notwithstanding his progress in cutthroat hand to hand fighting, Winterhalt’s advantage stretched out past simple rivalry. He dug into different battling styles, for example, kickboxing and Muay Thai, interested by the variety and adequacy of each discipline. In any case, it was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) that spellbound him the most, in the end becoming one of his number one disciplines.

Winterhalt’s commitment to hand to hand fighting drove him to investigate past his old neighborhood and adventure into Brazil, where he prepared under a portion of the world’s most famous BJJ mentors. This experience improved his abilities as well as enhanced how he might interpret combative techniques all in all.

Notwithstanding his athletic interests, Winterhalt sought after advanced education, zeroing in on English writing in school. His scholarly advantages supplemented his athletic undertakings, furnishing him with a balanced establishment that would later serve him in narrating through activity and movement. This mix of actual ability and scholarly interest without a doubt added to Winterhalt’s diverse way to deal with life and his inevitable achievement.

Josh Winterhalt Wiki:

Full nameJoshua M. Winterhalt
Date of birthAugust 1975
Age47 (as of 2022)
Place of birthNew Hampshire, United States
Current residenceVancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Height in feet5’9”
Height in centimeters175
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Marital statusMarried
PartnerSarah Wayne-Callies (m. 2002)
Children2 (Keala Winterhalt, Oakes Wayne)
CollegeDartmouth College
ProfessionMixed Martial Artist, Instructor

Josh Winterhalt Education:

Josh’s initial life and family foundation remain moderately obscure, yet obviously his enthusiasm for hand to hand fighting lighted very early on and kept on significantly shaping his life. He enlisted at Dartmouth School, where he ran into his future spouse, Sarah Wayne Callies. While his field of study at Dartmouth stays undisclosed, it’s clear that his commitment to combative techniques continued past his scholarly interests.

Regardless of the absence of insights concerning his childhood and family, Josh’s obligation to hand to hand fighting persevered through his school years and then some. His gathering with Sarah at Dartmouth denoted the start of a critical section in both their lives, prompting a long lasting organization grounded in common interests and shared encounters. While Josh’s initial life might remain covered in secret, his excursion close by Sarah mirrors a well established energy for hand to hand fighting and a guarantee to self-improvement and investigation.

Josh Winterhalt Height:

Sarah Wayne Callies has an enamoring figure, remaining at an exquisite level of 1.74 meters and keeping a load of 60 kilograms. To additional upgrade her build, she brags body estimations 34-25-35 inches. Squeezing into a 32B bra, she regularly wears a dress size of 4 and serenely squeezes into size 10 shoes.

Her dim chestnut hair and striking light earthy colored eyes are among her normal elements, adding to her charm. These actual qualities, joined with her ability and magnetism, add to her broad allure as an entertainer.

Josh Winterhalt Personal life:

It appears to be there’s some disarray in the data gave. Josh Winterhalt is really hitched to Sarah Wayne Callies, not Jennifer Gather. They met while going to Dartmouth School and have been hitched starting around 2002. They have two kids together, named Keala and Oakes Wayne.

Josh Winterhalt likes to get his own life private and avoids the spotlight regardless of being hitched to a notable entertainer. He appreciates investing energy outside, especially climbing with his family, and keeps on chasing after his enthusiasm for hand to hand fighting, routinely preparing and rehearsing. While he may not be dynamic via web-based entertainment stages like Instagram or Twitter, he focuses on a straightforward and satisfying existence with his friends and family.

Josh Winterhalt Family:

While insights concerning Josh Winterhalt’s folks and kin are restricted and undisclosed, it’s actually quite important that his father by marriage is David E. Callies, a regarded regulation teacher at the College of Hawaii, and his mother by marriage is Valerie Wayne, a cultivated English teacher at a similar college. These associations give a brief look into Josh’s more distant family through his union with Sarah Wayne Callies. In any case, explicit data about his own folks and kin stays obscure, as Josh Winterhalt has decided to keep his own life hidden.

Josh Winterhalt Career:

Josh Winterhalt’s post-school profession has principally rotated around his enthusiasm for combative techniques. While explicit insights concerning his expert undertakings, like beginning his own school, stay tricky, a few sources propose that he might have wandered into the field of news coverage, conceivably through associations connected with his better half’s occupation. It’s normal for military experts like Josh to be engaged with media outlets, helping with movement, preparing, and filling in as trick pairs for entertainers in motion pictures and TV programs.

Josh Winterhalt is profoundly gifted and experienced in hand to hand fighting, both as a specialist and educator, which has been the point of convergence of his vocation. Notwithstanding his achievements in this field, he is all the more generally perceived as the spouse of Sarah Wayne Callies, a prestigious entertainer celebrated for her wonderful exhibitions in different hit films and TV series.

Sarah Wayne Callies has made huge commitments to media outlets with her ability and flexibility as an entertainer. She is most popular for her jobs in famous television series like “The Strolling Dead,” where she depicted Lori Grimes, and “Jail Break,” where she played Sara Tancredi. Her association in “The Strolling Dead” added to the show’s tremendous achievement, making it one of the greatest appraised television series in satellite TV history. Notwithstanding her TV work, Sarah has likewise showed up in a few movies, including “The Celestine Prescience” and “Murmur.” Past acting, Sarah has displayed her composing ability by writing the screenplay for the film “Elena’s Song.” Her most recent task remembers a main job for the television series “Gathering of Fathers.”

Together, Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies structure a powerful team, each influencing their separate fields while likewise supporting each other’s undertakings.

Josh Winterhalt Net Worth:

While a definite figure for Josh Winterhalt’s total assets isn’t promptly accessible, it’s sensible to expect that it is significant given his effective profession as a military craftsman and trick entertainer.

With more than twenty years of involvement with combative techniques and trick work, Winterhalt has without a doubt procured an impressive pay all through his vocation. His work in Hollywood as a trick entertainer further adds to his monetary achievement.

Moreover, Winterhalt’s better half, Sarah Wayne Callies, has an expected total assets of $20 million, which probably adds to their general family abundance. The couple likewise supposedly claims different properties in Los Angeles and New York City.

Albeit a definite figure for Josh Winterhalt’s total assets stays subtle, it’s clear that he has made huge progress both in his hand to hand fighting profession and as a trick entertainer in Hollywood, adding to his in general monetary prosperity.

Facts about Josh Winterhalt:

Foundation in Hand to hand fighting: Josh Winterhalt has experience with combative techniques, having begun rehearsing karate early on and at last investigating different trains, for example, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Low Profile: Notwithstanding being hitched to entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies, Winterhalt likes to stay under the radar and stays out of the spotlight, with restricted data accessible about his own life and vocation.

Vocation in Combative techniques: Winterhalt’s profession has fundamentally rotated around hand to hand fighting, where he has succeeded as a specialist as well as an educator, conceivably in any event, beginning his own combative techniques school sooner or later.

Stunt Entertainer: He has likewise wandered into media outlets as a trick entertainer, utilizing his hand to hand fighting skill to perform stunts in films and network shows.

Union with Sarah Wayne Callies: Winterhalt and Callies met during their school a very long time at Dartmouth School and have been hitched starting around 2002. They share two youngsters together.

Security: Winterhalt values his protection and likes to avoid online entertainment stages, keeping a watchful and confidential way of life regardless of his better half’s notoriety.


Josh Winterhalt is a military craftsman and trick entertainer, known for his calm character and inclination for security. While insights concerning his own life and profession are restricted, it is realized that he has experience with combative techniques and has filled in as both an expert and a teacher. He is hitched to entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies, with whom he shares a confidential day to day life away from the public eye.


1. What is Josh Winterhalt’s occupation?

Josh Winterhalt is basically known for his profession in hand to hand fighting, where he has both rehearsed and educated different disciplines. He has likewise functioned as a trick entertainer in media outlets.

2. How did Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies meet?

Winterhalt and Callies met during their school a very long time at Dartmouth School. They have been hitched beginning around 2002 and share two kids together.

3. Does Josh Winterhalt have a virtual entertainment presence?

Winterhalt likes to stay under the radar and isn’t dynamic via virtual entertainment stages, keeping a confidential way of life away from the public eye.

4. What is Josh Winterhalt’s total assets?

While a precise figure for his total assets isn’t accessible, it is attempted to be critical given his fruitful profession in combative techniques and trick work, as well as his union with entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies.

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