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In spite of the fact that he is a famous figure, Bill Burr keeps quite a bit of his hidden life, including his little girl Lola, out of the spotlight and doesn’t share her photographs via virtual entertainment.

In any case, Lola’s dad doesn’t avoid examining his girl in that frame of mind during his stand-up parody shows.

The dad of two has discussed how he once changed the completion of a recording meeting as the underlying joke felt like it might disturb his girl. Furthermore, he talked about how being a father changed his life sees.

Lola Burr Is Bill Burr’s First Child

On January 20, 2017, then, at that point, 48-year-old Bill invited his most memorable kid, Lola, with his better half, Slope. 

That makes Lola an Aquarius. Their little girl showed up around three and a half years after their wedding.

Lola’s folks wedded in September 2013 subsequent to dating for quite a while. They met and became hopelessly enamored while going to Emerson School in Boston, after which they momentarily lived respectively prior to moving to Los Angeles looking for more open doors. This was all before Lola was in the image.

In May 2020, Slope reported that Lola would get a more youthful kin. In June 2020, Lola’s mom shared an image of herself holding an infant child.

Not long before Slope got pregnant with Lola, Bill said he was stressed that he wouldn’t have the option to get his significant other pregnant as he believed he was excessively old. He noted:

Bill Burr’s Daughter Aspires to Be a Comedian Like Him

Lola Burr, roused by her popular father’s awareness of what’s actually funny, communicated an early craving to continue in his comedic strides. The tale unfurls in 2020 when Lola’s mom shared an endearing second via virtual entertainment.

At that point, Bill had told his better half Nia that he was going on a mission to make quips. Interest provoked, and three-year-old Lora looked for explanation from her mom about the idea of her dad’s undertaking.

Accordingly, Lora’s mom made sense of her father had an exceptional ability for making individuals chuckle. To this disclosure, youthful Lora, with a flash of excitement, pronounced her own desires — she needed to make wisecracks, as well.

In spite of his requesting profession, Bill esteems investing quality energy with his youngsters, making valuable recollections that frequently become stories shared on his web recording. In one such endearing story, Bill related a great trade with his little girl, Lola.

She moved toward him with a one of a kind solicitation: a fruity dessert for breakfast. Determined by the flighty solicitation, Bill stuck to Lola’s solicitation. Notwithstanding, with the truth of missing fixings, he educated Lola regarding the obstruction.

Resolute, Lola, showing the guiltless industriousness of experience growing up, recommended an answer — an excursion to the supermarket. Bill, ever the liberal dad, chose to set out on this extemporaneous excursion.

Be that as it may, Lola’s mom, predicting the expected entanglements of moment delight, advised Bill against ruining their little girl. Regardless of the parental counsel, Bill wound up making Lola a hand crafted pie.

Bill’s nurturing tales strikingly portray his enchanting collaborations with his girl. In one brilliant episode, Lola awakened him with a particular breakfast demand — French toast. In any case, her mom mediated, proposing extra flapjacks as another option. Lola’s unobtrusive frustration uncovered her inclination for French toast.

Bill hilariously considered the way that his youngsters could not completely handle the degree of his Sunday breakfast endeavors, which balance pointedly with his experience growing up daily schedule of having oat over time, saving a stupendous breakfast of French toast, eggs, and bacon for Sundays.

Among the common minutes among Bill and Lola, getting things done arises as a remarkable holding movement. Lola’s dad shared how an excursion to get frozen yogurt transformed into a critical daddy-little girl discussion. Feeling happy, Lola charmed her dad with stories, communicating that he was the best father of all time.

Very early on, Lola has exhibited a noteworthy cluster of abilities. Past her abilities as a guitarist, she has demonstrated to be a skilled skater. Her pleased dad shared a superb second when Lola showed her skating ability before his companions.

Being her most memorable time on a skateboard, Lola had drawn motivation from YouTube skating recordings and dominated a couple of stunts. Her presentation on the skateboard left everybody in stunningness. Bill’s companions, similar to a strong crowd, commended and cheered as Lola Burr without hesitation exhibited her skating abilities.

Early in life, Lola has previously had a few phenomenal encounters, and in 2023, she had the honor of going to her very first Beyoncé show. Lola’s mom, without a doubt amped up for the occasion, took to web-based entertainment to share the subtleties of the extraordinary occasion with her fans.

Going to such a prominent and notable occasion quite early in life without a doubt had an enduring effect on Lola, making treasured recollections.

Lola Burr’s Father Once Did Not Record a Joke So as Not to Upset Her

In spite of the fact that Lola is as yet youthful, she has proactively been on a couple of undertakings with her dad. On their most memorable dad girl film, her father chose to take her to watch his thought process was the kids’ film, “Dumbo.”

In any case, shockingly, the film was unsatisfactory for youngster seeing, leaving Lola needing to return home to her mom.

In fact, Bill suggested that he isn’t truly adept at nurturing while at the same time performing live. He alluded to an occasion when he flew off the handle about a message on his telephone letting him know he had missed a gathering. 

His response was so beyond ludicrous and uproarious that it frightened Lola, who was in one more space yet raced to where he was crying.

In any case, Lola’s dad is extremely mindful and aware of his girl’s sentiments. Bill uncovered that he had once changed the end joke while recording his stand-up parody unique made for Netflix, “Paper Tiger.” He did that to safeguard his little girl, who he felt wouldn’t take it well assuming she heard it.

Lola Burr Changed Her Father’s View of Life

At the point when Lola was as yet one, Bill showed up on “Conan” and was asked what, as he would see it, was the best thing about being a dad. Accordingly, Bill brought up that going to the recreation area with Lola and pushing her on the swing was something that he partook in a great deal.

What’s more, at Lola’s most memorable birthday celebration, he understood that he was so fortunate to have a young lady. He made sense of his view saying, “Young ladies simply relax and take things in, and I saw the young men; they are like lunatics, they resemble tossing stuff and procuring [things].”

Charge Burr says he has fostered an alternate point of view on life since becoming a father. One is that he “didn’t have that ludicrous satisfaction that accompanies the equilibrium of life, dread, and stress that happens the subsequent you become a father.”

Bill has even figured out how to do Lola’s hair after he had an insane idea that one day Slope probably won’t be near and their little girl would go to class with wrecked hair. He divertingly surrendered that he began focusing harder on ladies’ hair stylings while watching films so he could style Lola.

Who Is Lola Burr?

Lola Burr, the firstborn girl of American professional comic and entertainer William Frederick ‘Bill’ Burr and Nia Renee Slope, an American entertainer, entered the world on January twentieth, 2017.

At only four years of age, Lola has previously become to some degree a sensation, because of her folks’ regular notices and appearances on different stages.

Bill, brought into the world in 1968, flaunts a noteworthy profession in satire, with a few acclaimed parody specials like “For what reason Do I Do This?” (2008) and “Let it Go” (2010) added to his repertoire. He’s additionally loaned his voice to characters in the Fabulous Robbery Auto IV computer game and showed up in Programs like Breaking Awful and films like Night out (2010).

Nia, brought into the world in 1978, is a multi-skilled person. Aside from her acting gigs in films like “Lila: Significant Distance” (2011) and “St Nick Clarita Diet” (2017), she’s likewise a voice entertainer in her better half’s energized sitcom “F is For Family.”

Furthermore, Nia grandstands her inventive energy as a creator, having made outfits for different movies. Beforehand, she functioned as an ability facilitator for The Chapelle Show and is known for her promotion work through digital broadcasts and composing, especially on friendly issues and ladies’ privileges.

Lola was brought into the world in Los Angeles, California, where she right now lives with her folks. Bill and Nia got comfortable LA soon after they met in 2009 while dealing with a satire show together.

Following their sentiment, Nia moved in with Bill, and the couple secured the bunch in September 2013, inviting Lola into their lives four years after the fact.

In spite of both going to Emerson School, Bill and Nia didn’t run into each other until some other time throughout everyday life. Their romantic tale, which started in the parody world, has now bloomed into a lovely everyday life revolved around their little girl Lola.

Lola Burr Age

Lola Burr, brought into the world on January 20, 2017, is presently 7 years of age starting around 2024. Her dad, William Frederick Burr, was 49 years of age at the hour of her introduction to the world, while her mom was 39.

Lola’s appearance came four years into her folks’ marriage, denoting her as their most memorable youngster. As she arrives at grade young, insights regarding her schooling stay undisclosed by her folks, leaving it unsure whether she goes to a conventional school or gets self-teaching.

Lola Burr Father Willam Frederick 

Charge Burr, conceived William Frederick Burr, wears many caps in the diversion world. He’s an American professional comic, entertainer, essayist, podcaster, and chief, known for his blazing and frequently politically erroneous comedic style.

Initially from Canton, Massachusetts, Burr started off his excursion into satire in the wake of concentrating on radio telecom at Emerson School in Boston. Following his graduation, he took the jump toward New York City to seek after his comedic desires.

Burr’s comedic profession took off with his most memorable stand-up exceptional, “You Individuals Are No different either way,” hitting separates 2012. From that point forward, he’s dealt with crowds to four additional specials: “Please accept my apologies You Feel as such” (2014), “Walk Out” (2017), “Paper Tiger” (2019), and “Inhabit Red Rocks” (2022).

Past his stand-up gigs, Burr has transformed the universe of film and TV, with remarkable appearances in hits like “Breaking Terrible,” “The Mandalorian,” and the vivified series “F Is for Family.” Moreover, he keeps fans drew in with his well known web recording, the “Monday Morning Digital broadcast.”

Burr’s sincere and here and there dubious perspectives have accumulated both applause and analysis. His unfiltered genuineness, matched with his ability to handle untouchable subjects, has procured him adoration among certain crowds, while others definitely disapprove of his decision of language and his scrutinizes of overt sensitivity.

Regardless of the discussions encompassing him, Burr’s impact in satire is evident. With numerous Grammy selections and a monstrous following for his webcast, he remains as perhaps of the most charming and critical figure in parody today.

Lola Burr Mother Nia Renee Hill

Nia Renee Slope, entertainer and essayist, hails from Los Angeles, California, brought into the world on Walk 2, 1970, and gladly of African-American legacy. Her excursion into the universe of diversion started at Howard College, where she dove into the craft of acting. Subsequent to procuring her certificate, she put her focus on New York City to pursue her fantasies in the acting domain.

Throughout the long term, Slope has graced both the of all shapes and sizes screens with her ability, showing up in projects like “The Strong and the Lovely,” “Regulation and Request: Extraordinary Casualties Unit,” and “The Mindy Undertaking.” Not satisfied with simply acting, she’s likewise left her imprint as an essayist, adding to shows like “The Carmichael Show” and “Dark ish.”

In 2008, Slope’s way crossed with entertainer Bill Burr, prompting a blooming sentiment that finished in marriage in 2013. Together, they’ve invited two youngsters into their lives: little girl Lola in 2017 and child Archie in 2020.

Regardless of her progress at the center of attention, Slope stays a confidential person with regards to her own life. Notwithstanding, she’s been vocal about her job as a strong spouse and mother, and her support for variety and consideration in media outlets radiates through in her work and public proclamations.

Lola Burr Shares A Wonderful Bond With Her Parents

Lola imparts a superb cling to her folks, who have communicated how much happiness she brings into their lives.

Her dad, specifically, has gotten serious about his nurturing venture, conceding that while he may not necessarily take care of business, he focuses on investing quality energy with his significant other and kids.

As per her father, Lola fundamentally affects him. There was a second when he ruled against recording a joke since he was worried about what it could mean for his daughter.

This drove him to change the end joke of his Netflix Extraordinary, “Paper Tiger,” out of dread of disturbing her. Obviously Lola’s presence has affected her dad in significant ways, exhibiting the profundity of their relationship.

Lola Burr Has A Sibling

Lola Burr holds the title of being both the main little girl and the oldest offspring of Bill Burr. Be that as it may, she additionally has a more youthful kin, a sibling whose name stays a secret, similar as numerous different insights concerning him.

In May 2020, the comic common the astonishing news that he and Nia were anticipating another youngster. 

Their child showed up in June 2020, and keeping in mind that Bill Burr reported his introduction to the world, both he and his significant other have picked to keep their child out of the public eye from that point forward.

Presently at 4 years of age, their little one is logical exploring the experiences of preschool, yet past that, his folks have decided to keep the subtleties of his life hidden.

Lola Burr’s Father Chose Not To Record A Joke Once Because He Didn’t Want To Upset Her

Regardless of her young age, Lola has proactively set out on a couple of paramount experiences with her dad. On one specific excursion to the motion pictures, her father chose to get her his thought process was a kids’ film, “Dumbo.”

Nonetheless, they were both shocked when they found that the film wasn’t reasonable for youngsters, provoking Lola to communicate her craving to get back to her mom.

In snapshots of openness during his live exhibitions, Bill has alluded to his battles with nurturing. He once related when he turned out to be unreasonably resentful about a missed gathering warning on his telephone. His response was extreme to the point that it scared Lola, who, regardless of being in another room, hurried to him in tears.

Regardless of these difficulties, Lola’s dad is extraordinarily mindful and aware of his little girl’s feelings. Bill shared that he even modified the end joke of his stand-up satire exceptional, “Paper Tiger,” while recording it for Netflix.

He made this change out of worry for Lola, realizing that she wouldn’t take it well assuming she heard it. Obviously his affection and care for his girl radiate through, even in the littlest of signals.

Lola Burr Gained Some Fame Through Her Father’s Podcast

Charge Burr’s web recording, “Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Digital broadcast,” has been a stage where he frequently examines his kids.

Running since May 2007, the web recording offers bits of knowledge into his background and recent developments around the world.

As a dad of two, Burr has straightforwardly shared what Lola’s presence has significantly meant for him, portraying her as a day to day existence transformer.

Their relationship shows up close and friendly, with Burr communicating his longing to observe Lola’s future achievements, including her inevitable marriage. He even assumes the sweet custom of baking all her birthday cakes, exhibiting his involved way to deal with parenthood.

Pondering his excursion into being a parent, Burr has confessed to laments about not beginning a family sooner, indicating the delights and satisfaction that Lola and her kin bring into his life.

Through his genuine disclosures, it’s obvious that parenthood has turned into a huge and esteemed part of Burr’s life.

Lola Burr Brought A New Perspective Into Her Father’s Life

At the point when Lola was only one year old, Bill showed up on “Conan” and was gotten some information about the most awesome aspect of being a father. He shared that one of his #1 things was taking Lola to the recreation area and pushing her on the swing.

During Lola’s most memorable birthday festivity, Bill acknowledged that he was so lucky to have a girl. He noticed that young ladies will generally be more loose and perceptive, while young men can be very enthusiastic and wild.

Becoming a dad has achieved a change in Bill’s viewpoint on life. He concedes to encountering a novel mix of satisfaction, dread, and stress since becoming a father, a blend he didn’t exactly comprehend previously.

In a silly development, Bill even figured out how to style Lola’s hair. He had an entertaining acknowledgment that one day his significant other probably won’t be around to make it happen, and he didn’t need Lola going to class with muddled hair.

Thus, he began focusing better on haircuts in motion pictures to get some styling tips. Obviously parenthood has achieved a few startling however endearing minutes for Bill.

Lola Burr Family’s Net Worth

While Lola Burr might be excessively youthful to have her own total assets, she’s lucky to have guardians who have made extraordinary progress in their professions. Thus, she’s probably going to acquire a lot of abundance from them.

Charge Burr, referred to for his work as a professional comic, entertainer, and podcaster, brags a total assets of $10 million. In the meantime, Nia Renee Slope, an entertainer and essayist, has collected a total assets of $2 million. With such effective guardians, Lola’s monetary future looks brilliant.


  1. Birth: Lola Burr, the first child of comedian Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill, was born on January 20, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Bill Burr, was 49 years old at the time of her birth, while her mother, Nia Renee Hill, was 39.
  2. Sibling: Lola has a younger sibling, a brother whose name has not been disclosed by her parents. He was born in June 2020.
  3. Parent’s Relationship: Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill met in 2009 while working on a comedy show together. They got married in September 2013, four years before Lola’s birth.
  4. Parent’s Careers: Bill Burr is a renowned comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, and director. He has appeared in several films and TV shows, including “Breaking Bad” and “The Mandalorian.” Nia Renee Hill is an actress and writer known for her work in “The Mindy Project” and “Lila & Eve.”
  5. Parent’s Net Worth: Bill Burr has an estimated net worth of $10 million, while Nia Renee Hill has an estimated net worth of $2 million.
  6. Public Attention: Despite her young age, Lola has gained some fame through her father’s podcast, “Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast,” where he often discusses his family life, including anecdotes about Lola and her brother.


Lola Burr, the daughter of comedian Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill, was born on January 20, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. She has a younger brother, born in June 2020. Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill got married in September 2013 after meeting in 2009 while working on a comedy show together. Bill Burr is a successful comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, and director, with an estimated net worth of $10 million, while Nia Renee Hill is an actress and writer with an estimated net worth of $2 million.


1. Who are Lola Burr’s parents?
Lola Burr’s parents are comedian Bill Burr and actress Nia Renee Hill.

2. When was Lola Burr born?
Lola Burr was born on January 20, 2017.

3. Does Lola Burr have any siblings?
Yes, Lola Burr has a younger brother, born in June 2020.

4. What do Lola Burr’s parents do for a living?
Bill Burr is a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster, and director, while Nia Renee Hill is an actress and writer.

5. How much is Lola Burr’s parents’ net worth?
Bill Burr has an estimated net worth of $10 million, while Nia Renee Hill has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

6. Where was Lola Burr born?
Lola Burr was born in Los Angeles, California.

7. How old is Lola Burr?
As of 2024, Lola Burr is 7 years old.

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