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Mildred Patricia Baena, known as Patty Baena, earned public respect because of her relationship with Hollywood symbol Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom she shares a kid. Notwithstanding the underlying spotlight, Baena has picked a confidential life, making it trying to decide her careful total assets. In any case, experiences from different sources consider a brief look into her monetary status starting around 2024.

Mildred Baena Net Worth

In spite of the highs and lows in their connections, there’s many times a positive side to each circumstance. Arnold Schwarzenegger embraced his job as a parent as well as took responsibility for his activities, communicating regret to his ex and family. A striking token of his obligation came through buying a home in Bakersfield, California, for the mother of his kid and previous worker back in 2010, only months prior to revealing his parenthood.

Then again, Mildred, in the wake of resigning, figured out how to gather north of 1,000,000 bucks through long periods of difficult work as a maid, alongside extra help from her previous accomplice. With her ongoing monetary soundness, she’s ready to give an agreeable life to herself and her youngster.

Conversely, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s faltering $400 million total assets can be ascribed to his effective acting vocation, famous body, and astute land ventures, delineating the products of his multi-layered achievement.

Who is Mildred Baena?

Patty Baena, otherwise called Mildred, has her underlying foundations in Guatemala, where she was brought into the world on Walk 1, 1961. Raised by her mom, Evelyn Pena, in Guatemala, Patty holds major areas of strength for a to her legacy and gladly recognizes as Guatemalan. As a Pisces, brought into the world under the indication of imagination and compassion, she probably epitomizes these characteristics in her character.

While insights concerning Patty’s initial life remain covered in secret, she has deliberately decided to keep up with her protection, keeping her own set of experiences stowed away from the public eye. At 59 years of age, she probably conveys an abundance of encounters and stories, yet she picks to keep them near her heart, embracing a day to day existence that rotates around tact and protection.

Mildred Baena Biography

Mildred Patricia Baena, affectionately known as Patty among her nearby circle, entered the world in Guatemala on Spring first, 1961. Starting around 2023, she praised her sixty-second birthday celebration encompassed by friends and family, denoting one more achievement in her excursion.

Experiencing childhood in Guatemala, Patty imparted treasured minutes to her folks, especially her mom, Evelyn Pena, who likewise hailed from Guatemala and kept areas of strength for a to her country through successive visits. While insights regarding Patty’s experience growing up, instruction, and day to day life stay private, her life took a critical turn when she turned out to be essential for the Schwarzenegger family.

For north of twenty years, Patty loyally filled in as a servant and collaborator in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home in Brentwood. Her devotion and responsibility were obvious as she satisfied her obligations with steadiness and care. Nonetheless, in January 2011, Patty settled on a critical choice to resign following quite a while of committed help, denoting the finish of a part in her life’s process.


Full NameMildred Patricia Baena
Also Known AsPatty Baena
BirthdateMarch 1, 1961
Age (2024)63
Zodiac SignPisces
Marital StatusDivorced
Former SpouseRogelio Baena
Current PartnerAlex Aguilar
Children– Joseph Baena (son with Arnold Schwarzenegger) – Jackie Rozo (daughter from previous marriage with Rogelio Baena)
CareerFormer maid and assistant for Arnold Schwarzenegger
Notable RelationshipHad an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger resulting in a son, Joseph Baena
Net WorthEstimated to have accumulated over a million dollars from her work as a housekeeper, along with support from her former partner; Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth is $400 million
Current StatusLikely leading a private life, preferring to keep a low profile after the events of 2011; exact current activities unknown

Mildred Baena Early Life

Growing up in the midst of Guatemala’s clamoring roads, Mildred Patricia Baena soaked up the upsides of versatility and difficult work from her environmental factors. These standards turned into her directing lights as she set out on another section in the energetic city of Los Angeles. There, she wedded Rogelio Baena and flawlessly coordinated her own and proficient pursuits in the wake of turning out to be important for the Schwarzenegger family. For more than twenty years, Mildred assumed an essential part in keeping up with the Schwarzeneggers’ family and really focusing on their loved ones.

As a servant, Mildred moved toward her work with steady devotion, gaining the appreciation and trust of various unmistakable families in the city. Her steady endeavors proved to be fruitful, prompting her acknowledgment into the Schwarzenegger family during a crucial period. Mildred’s commitments were instrumental in maintaining the Schwarzeneggers’ home and supporting their family for over 20 years.

Mildred’s excursion from the striking scenes of Guatemala to the stunning lights of Los Angeles represented something other than an actual movement — it was a demonstration of her capacity to adjust, persevere, and flourish in a job that requested the greatest amount of degrees of carefulness, dependability, and immovable responsibility.

Mildred Baena Education

Absolutely, normal for people carry on with private existences to have restricted public data accessible, particularly in regards to individual subtleties like schooling. For Mildred’s situation, her confidential way of life implied that insights regarding her instructive foundation were not well known or recorded. Before the development of reports about her extramarital undertaking with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mildred kept a position of safety, keeping her own life circumspect. Thus, explicit data about her schooling stays undisclosed or unverified.

Mildred Baena Age

Indeed, even as she arrived at the carefully prepared age of 62 by 2022, Mildred’s commitment to keeping up with Arnold’s family stays unmatched. Brought into the world on Spring first, 1962, she carries many years of involvement to her job, guaranteeing everywhere is perfect. Mildred’s fastidious scrupulousness and enduring difficult work make her a vital piece of the family. As retirement looms not too far off, her presence will be profoundly missed, yet her tradition of neatness and commitment will persevere as a demonstration of her long stretches of administration.

Mildred Baena Married Life

Mildred Baena, presently single, was recently hitched to Rogelio Baena, a local of Colombia. Their marriage persevered for about 10 years before they separated from in October 1997. Over the course of their time together, they invited three youngsters into their loved ones.

Be that as it may, Mildred’s life veered off in a strange direction when she took part in an undertaking with Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was traveling with his family in 1996. Arnold’s expert responsibilities kept him from going along with them on the excursion. From this undertaking, Mildred brought forth a child named Joseph Baena. Incredibly, this mystery stayed disguised from the public eye for almost 13 years, creating a shaded area over both Mildred’s and Arnold’s lives.

Mildred Baena Family

Patricia Baena’s mom, Mildred Evelyn Pena, values protection in regards to her family matters, bringing about restricted accessible data about her dad or any potential kin Patricia might have. Patricia, otherwise called Mildred, had a concise first union with Rogelio de Jesus, which at last finished in separate. Nonetheless, she found love once more and is at present involved with Alex Aguilar.

Mildred is a mother of two kids: Joseph Baena, her child with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Rozo, her girl from her past union with Rogelio de Jesus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph’s dad, is a famous well known person in both Austria and the US. He at first acquired notoriety as an entertainer, especially for his jobs in real life motion pictures, prior to changing into governmental issues, where he filled in as the Legislative leader of California.

Mildred Baena Career

In the mid 1990s, Mildred worked steadily as both Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house keeper and colleague for north of twenty years. After willfully leaving her situation in January 2011, she presumably expected a calmer presence. In any case, in May 2011, the Los Angeles Times stunned people in general by uncovering the surprising truth that Mildred and Arnold had a child named Joseph Baena, brought into the world in 1997. This disclosure broke her protection, pushing Mildred into the spotlight, with the media clamoring for subtleties of her life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is eminent for his adaptable profession traversing the domains of acting and legislative issues. Beside his notorious jobs in films, he is quite perceived for his residency as Legislative leader of California from 2003 to 2011.

Concerning Mildred’s ongoing undertakings, it stays dubious. While the public consideration might have wound down, she probably keeps on exploring life, maybe liking to keep a position of safety following the wild occasions of 2011.

Mildred Baena Relationship

After the wild situation transpired, Schwarzenegger and Baena have been taking care of their circumstance in their separate ways. Schwarzenegger took responsibility for his activities and has been transparently communicating regret for his previous oversights. In spite of the difficulties they confronted, he has figured out how to fashion serious areas of strength for a with his child Joseph, exploring the intricacies of their relationship with truthfulness and responsibility.

In any case, with regards to any possibility of Baena and Schwarzenegger having a relationship past co-nurturing, it doesn’t give off an impression of being possible. The elements between them appear to be basically centered around their common obligation of nurturing Joseph, with any further association avoided at all costs.

Mildred Baena Children

Mildred is a pleased mother of two wonderful kids. Her child, Joseph Baena, was brought into the world on October 2, 1997, making him 26 years of age in 2023. He imparts an association with both Mildred and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a prestigious entertainer. On the other hand, Jackie Rozo, Mildred’s girl, turned 39 of every 2023, having been brought into the world in 1984. Jackie is the result of Mildred’s union with Rogelio Baena.


Birth and Foundation: Mildred Patricia Baena, ordinarily known as Patty Baena, was brought into the world on Walk 1, 1961, in Guatemala.

Profession: She filled in as a servant and partner for Arnold Schwarzenegger for more than 20 years, keeping up with his family in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Individual Life: Mildred was recently hitched to Rogelio Baena, with whom she had a girl named Jackie Rozo. She additionally had an extramarital illicit relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, bringing about the introduction of her child, Joseph Baena.

Kids: Mildred has two youngsters: Joseph Baena, her child with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Rozo, her little girl from her past union with Rogelio Baena.

Protection Attack: the general population became mindful of Mildred’s undertaking with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the paternity of her child, Joseph Baena, when the news broke in May 2011.


Mildred Patricia Baena, otherwise called Patty Baena, had a somewhat confidential existence until the disclosure of her issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ensuing media free for all encompassing their child, Joseph Baena. Her job as a devoted house cleaner and colleague for Schwarzenegger for north of twenty years was eclipsed by the public investigation that followed the revelation of her own life. Regardless of the difficulties, Mildred keeps on exploring her life, logical liking to keep a position of safety after the occasions of 2011.


When was Mildred Patricia Baena conceived?

Mildred Patricia Baena was brought into the world on Walk 1, 1961, in Guatemala.

Who is Joseph Baena?

Joseph Baena is the child of Mildred Patricia Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger, brought into the world on October 2, 1997.

How long did Mildred function for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Mildred functioned as a house cleaner and partner for Arnold Schwarzenegger for more than 20 years.

How did the general population find out about Mildred’s issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The fresh insight about Mildred’s issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the paternity of her child, Joseph Baena, became public in May 2011.

What is Mildred’s relationship status now?

Mildred’s ongoing relationship status isn’t openly known.

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