Mobile Legends: Best Assassins, Ranked

An MLBB assassin has only one goal; to annihilate every enemy roaming around. These Mobile Legends heroes are perfect for both individual enemies and groups. But not every assassin is worth your time, as you have to carefully select the one that matches your playstyle. 

Before you get excited though, these MLBB assassins cost diamonds, and you may be in need to top up MLBB.


The first ML character on our list is Benedetta, who is extremely powerful and can send her enemies to their graves instantly. Her passive ability is called Elasped Daytime, and it transforms a basic attack into a charged attack, which deals 215 physical attack damage. If you attack a Minion or Creep in Mobile Legends, they’ll receive -50% damage. 

As for her first skill, it is called Phantom Slash which deals anywhere between 200 to 400 damage, while her second skill can deal up to 450 damage. And finally, for her ultimate, we have Alecto: Final Blow, which can deal a massive 2000 damage. 



If you want an MLBB assassin that can deal Magic damage, then you may want to give Gusion a try. His first skill is called Sword Spike and it allows him to throw a dagger towards his enemy that deals 200 to 300 damage. As for his second skill, it is called Shadowblade Slaughter. Instead of one dagger, this one throws five daggers, with each dealing a maximum of 210 damage. 

His Ultimate, on the other hand, resets the CD of both skills and also allows him to throw 10 daggers using the second skill. This can be useful when dealing with a large group of ML enemies. 



Lancelot is one of the most charming MLBB heroes, at least this is what he believes. When it comes to destroying his opponents, he does it by using skills called Puncture and Thorned Rose. The first one makes him perform an attack that deals 100 to 250 damage and also leaves a Sword Mark on the first enemy that gets hit. As for the second skill, it lets Lancelot strike three times in a specific direction. 

He also becomes Invincible and Untargetable while using the skill, so you won’t have to worry about defending yourself from nearby enemies. And finally, for his ultimate, we have Phantom Execution, which can deal a massive 800 damage to the target hit. 



The fourth and final Mobile Legends character on our list is Saber. Just by looking at him, you’ll be able to tell that he is one of those Mobile Legends heroes that you shouldn’t mess with. His first skill, Orbiting Swords, allows him to use five swords to attack his targets, with each dealing 210 to 250 damage. 

When it comes to the second skill, it lets him dash toward his enemies to perform an attack that deals 150 damage. And for his ultimate, Triple Sweep, he throws his enemy in the air and then slashes them three times.

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