Monica Lewinsky Net Worth in 2024 and Clinton Settlement

Monica Lewinsky has had a remarkable journey from the infamous White House scandal to becoming an accomplished author, public speaker, and anti-bullying activist. Her financial status has evolved significantly over the years, influenced by her family’s wealth, personal investments, and media engagements. Here’s a detailed look at Monica Lewinsky’s net worth in 2024, her inheritance, and the settlement with Bill Clinton.


Monica Lewinsky hails from an affluent background. Her father, Bernard Lewinsky, is a renowned oncologist, and her mother, Marcia Lewis, was a successful author. Monica’s grandparents were wealthy Jews who fled Nazi Germany, bringing their considerable wealth with them. This rich heritage provided Monica with a substantial financial foundation.

Lewinsky received a $9 million trust fund from her family’s estate. This estate includes valuable art and antiques, prime real estate properties, and a significant amount of cash. It is evident that Monica Lewinsky was born into wealth, and this inheritance has played a crucial role in her financial stability.

Bill Clinton Settlement

The scandal involving Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s was one of the most significant political controversies of the time. It is widely believed that Bill and Hillary Clinton paid Monica Lewinsky a substantial sum to ensure her silence about the affair. According to leaked bank statements on Reddit and a report by Forbes, Lewinsky received more than $5 million to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This settlement significantly boosted her net worth.

Luxurious Living

Monica Lewinsky resides in a luxurious 9,000-square-foot villa in Los Angeles, California. She purchased this property from her boyfriend in 2014 for $6 million, although it was valued at $10 million. The villa boasts an outdoor swimming pool, a heated indoor plunge pool, and opulent French interiors. Lewinsky also invested $500,000 in marble flooring and gold-plated bathroom fixtures, enhancing the property’s grandeur.

Rich Relationships

Throughout her life, Monica Lewinsky has formed relationships with several high-profile individuals, including wealthy entrepreneurs. These relationships have also contributed to her financial growth. For instance, she dated the CEO of an event management company in Boston and received a 5% equity stake in the company without any initial investment. This stake is now worth over $3.7 million, as reported by Forbes.

Car Collection

Monica Lewinsky has a passion for luxury and vintage cars. Her collection, valued at $4 million, includes over 20 high-end vehicles. Among them are two Ferraris, two Lamborghinis, and a Rolls Royce. This impressive collection highlights her taste for the finer things in life.

Real Estate Assets

In addition to her luxurious villa, Monica Lewinsky owns seven other real estate properties. Five of these properties were inherited from her family, while she purchased the remaining two with her own savings. These properties are located in prime areas of California and New York. She rents out these properties, earning over $1 million in rental income annually. One of her properties is even listed on Airbnb, adding to her income stream. The total value of her real estate portfolio is estimated at $7 million.


There were reports in 2009 that Monica Lewinsky married a wealthy British businessman named Chris Root. However, no specific details about their marriage have emerged since then, leaving this aspect of her personal life somewhat mysterious.


How rich is Monica Lewinsky? Monica Lewinsky was born into a wealthy family, receiving a $9 million inheritance. She earns millions more each year through her books, television appearances, and business investments.

How did Monica Lewinsky become a millionaire? Monica Lewinsky became a millionaire by investing in event management companies, authoring books, and earning royalties from television shows.

Did Bill Clinton give Monica Lewinsky gifts? Yes. According to White House staff, Bill Clinton reportedly gifted a diamond ring worth over $20,000 to Monica Lewinsky during their relationship.

Did Monica Lewinsky make any money from her fame? After the scandal, Monica Lewinsky capitalized on her fame by endorsing products, becoming a brand ambassador, and charging substantial fees for her appearances.

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