Purple Homecoming Dress Fails to Avoid in Tips for a Flawless Look

Purple is a unique color to wear for any occasion, it’s certainly not the favorite color when looking at dresses. If you are planning to wear a favourite purple homecoming dressTitle, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid any failures. The color is tricky, if not styled properly or worn with the right fit and shade, it can make you look unpleasant. So, if you have selected purple as your color for this homecoming, we are here to help you. You need a few tips and tricks to ensure you have the right fit. So, let’s understand how you ace a purple homecoming dress: 

Find the right purple color for you 

Just like any other color, purple has its own tones and shades. Picking the right option for your skin type can make you rock the look or can turn into a disaster. Some purple shades are more feminine, some are more masculine, some have hues of red and some have a touch of pink. Colors like lighter shades of purple and lavender look stunning for feminine energy. However, the darker tone that has black as a dominant color, can bring out confidence and power. So, choose the perfect purple color that will suit the occasion and suit your skin tone. 

Avoid pairing with the wrong colors 

When you have to accessorize the favourite purple homecoming dress make sure you choose the right colors to pair. People choose bright colors like orange, yellow and green that are contrasting to purple but sometimes they overpower the outfit making it look unpleasant. When you are wearing a purple dress, make sure you are using the right colors to pair. If you are confused about the colors to choose, go with a monochromatic look or neutral shades that will not go wrong. In addition, colors like navy, gray, white, cream, or brown can look beautiful when paired with purple. 

Visualize and try the complete outfit 

When you are planning a purple outfit, make sure you try the complete outfit to know the outcome. Don’t just stick to the dress and then keep on looking for accessories that may or may not look beautiful to pair. So, when you are going to purchase a favourite purple homecoming dress, visualize the entire look in your mind. It will help you proceed with accessories, hair, and makeup in coordination with the entire look. 

Keep it simple and do not go overboard 

Purple color is vibrant in itself, the color will grab attention, so if you overdo accessories, footwear, and other parts of your look, it will turn unpleasant. When your dress has strong elements and an overpowering color, you can keep accessories in a subtle tone. It will ensure your overall look is complete without taking attention away from the main dress. So, try to keep the overall look simple and let the main dress do its work. 

Think about footwear, makeup, and hairstyle 

Many times people make mistakes as they fail to recognize that an outfit is incomplete without the right footwear, makeup, and hairstyle. While there are times when people overdo everything. They put extra emphasis on their footwear, makeup, and hairstyle that drive attention from the main purple dress and look visually unpleasant. An outfit where every element is overpowering can lack harmony and create a scattered look when you see it. So, think about the favourite purple homecoming dress and then consider hairstyles, makeup, and footwear to complete the look. 


The above-mentioned ways are some of the effective and tried tips that you can use to ensure you ace the purple dress look. If not styled rightly, you can fail the purple dress look and create unpleasant effects. So, before you begin planning for a purple outfit, keep these in mind to ensure you choose the right elements. 

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