Serverwala’s Dedicated Server USA: Speed Up Businesses 


What do you think is the basis of a business growth story? You are absolutely on point if your answer is related to satisfied customers. So, how do you or any business entity satisfy their customers? Good product, great pricing, or global reach of the product? It is most probably a combination of all three things. The most important aspect is to reach a global audience to grow your business. 

Authentic hosting solutions, like Serverwala’s Dedicated Server USA, can greatly support your business success story. Our article will explore minute details about the role of network speed and dedicated IP to understand the dependable service of USA dedicated servers closely. We will also take a detailed look at how Serverwala can be your ultimate choice for this bare metal technology server. 

Network Speed’s Crucial Role for Dedicated Server in USA Based Businesses

Customer satisfaction and global reach are not just terms; they require actual effort. So, how do you manage to do that with a dedicated server USA? Let’s understand the relationship between network speed and business growth through a simple yet effective example. Suppose you have an event management company in USA named “USA Planners.

“The company used to operate on an offline basis, forming a strong clientele limited to a small area of USA. Recently, you have introduced your USA Planners to the online front and have started receiving a variety of event requests. 

With great network speed powered by a US dedicated server, you can quickly present your hard-earned experience, plans, and packages of your service and receive event requests simultaneously. Superfast data transmission and round-the-clock availability of the server will help your company build a reputation on the global platform, eventually writing a success story for your business.

Dedicated IP: Impact on the Speed of Dedicated Server USA

A dedicated IP address is similar to your personalized residential address. This personalized address will help with swift delivery whenever you have a parcel coming. You can think of a dedicated IP address as the single point where all data transmission and retrieval requests are accepted. This makes the process swift and clear. A quick transmission process enhances the overall security of the server because cyber threats cannot target moving data sets. 

Accelerating Business with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in USA 

Whether you want a Windows operating system or Linux OS for your hosting, Serverwala Cloud Data Centers has a variety of options available for its dedicated server USA plans. The variety of options is not just limited to the operating system; Serverwala offers a flexible payment cycle ranging from month to year. 

Furthermore, when it comes to the security of the servers, this platform offers the best-in-class DDoS protection along with a well-configured firewall. As a client, you won’t ever have to compromise on the security aspect if you go for Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server in USA. Their perfectly located Tier III data centers will immensely help your business get the desired speed for data storage and transmission. 

Even though Serverwala is known to offer reliable server speeds, you can tap on their smart client support at any time of the day to resolve any issues. With this platform, you will gain deep-rooted access to go hand in hand with your business’s expansion plans. If Serverwala has struck a chord in your mind, then you must read about their affordable plans and packages. 

Explore Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server USA Plans

Any USA-based enterprise, ranging from small to large, can use Serverwala’s cheap dedicated servers. Whether you are an IT company or a developer, affordable USA dedicated servers can blow your mind. Even the most basic plan of Serverwala is powered by an Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 3.30 GHz processor. 

Not just this, but the basic plan, which starts at just 45 dollars a month, offers a storage capacity of 250 GB and a bandwidth of 20 TB (1 Gbps shared). As you climb further into their plans and packages, you will find the storage and bandwidth increasing generously. 

Most premium dedicated server plan in USA is priced at $350  a month. This plan offers massive storage of 2 TB SSD along with 30 TB (1 Gbps shared) bandwidth. It’s just amazing because you will not find such pricing with any other provider in USA. 


Network speed and the reliability of a single-tenant server play crucial roles in driving business growth, especially in today’s digital age, where online presence is paramount. By leveraging the power of Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server USA, businesses can significantly enhance their online performance and expand their reach to a global audience.

With swift data transmission facilitated by high-speed network connections and dedicated IP addresses, businesses like “USA Planners” can effectively showcase their services, cater to a broader clientele, and build a strong reputation on the global platform. Additionally, the security provided by dedicated IP addresses ensures a safe and smooth data transmission process, safeguarding businesses against cyber threats.

Serverwala’s offerings, including a variety of operating system options, flexible payment cycles, top-notch security features, and reliable customer support, further bolster the growth prospects for businesses. Their affordable US dedicated server plans, starting from just $45 a month, offer impressive specifications and scalability options suitable for businesses of all sizes. We hope this article has been of interest and information to you.

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