The Ultimate Luxury will be Yours with VERTU’s MetaWatch 

Get yourselves prepared to upgrade to the premier style and an experience of the luxury provided by the VERTU’s MetaWatch Black Full Diamond Watch. This impressive watch is likened to a work of art; it portrays a clean, sultry, and modern appearance powered by the most up to date technologies, and the masterful craftsmanship is highly laudable – far from a doubt.

Key Features:

Product Name: VERTU WATCH H1 Advanced Custom NexPleaser

Battery Capacity: 260mAh

Movement: Intelligent Movement

Clasp Style: The implementation was carried out through a single hinge.

Case Material: A carbon fiber / stainless steel frame.

Watch Diameter: 46mm/43. 6mm

Strap Material: Suede Customized (eg. FKM / imported calfskin / rare crocodile leather)

Watch Thickness: 14. 3mm/13. 5mm

Screen Size: 1. 85 inches

Bluetooth Connection Distance: 10m

Screen Resolution: 320*386 pixels

Water and Dust Resistance: Ip68

Sense the Luxury – Cutting edge and technology brilliantly blend.

The Meta Watch Black Diamond and gold SmartWatch is a timepiece that is not just a statement, but forms a new benchmark of excellence in family between luxury and technology. This watch comes with an auto-folding clasp and several hand choices in order to create the perfect timepiece for you. The two materials ensure the case is both enduring and exquisite, making the aesthetic design perfect for any occasion. A 85-inch screen and 320*The 386 top quality display ensures crisp and lively pictures.

Distance Away Means Nothing, and Keep up the Ambition to Win.

With the Bluetooth connectivity and a 10m reach, it enables you to control as well as get call control and music playback. In addition, you can use it to track your fitness goals. This watch has also been crafted so it can stand up to getting dues and dust, making it great for the occasional trip through water or sand.

Get In and Nab One of These Splendid Products That Cannot Pass You By.

Just imagine all the incredible opportunities it offers and all the unique features included. The main advantage of Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch is that it is a combination of luxury and high technology. Order your VERTU Metawatch Black Diamond Smart Watch today to feel it.


Q: So, what is the life of the watch battery?

A: The watch runs on a 260mAh battery that offers a considerable period of battery lifetime.

Q: Is the watch waterproof?

A: I think the watch offers the water and dust resistance of IP68 which makes it suitably protected from water and dust.

Q: What would be the watch’s screen size?

A: Year-round Country Club activity can be captured through a dazzling film. 85-inch Screen definition is of 320*386 pixels.

Q: Having Bluetooth enabled, I can pair my watch with my phone, isn’t it correct?

A: The watch is good because it is reasonably connected by Bluetooth with a connecting distance of 10m and so you do not need any cables.

Q: Specify the strap’s material of the watch.

A: The case of the watch is made from customized FKM, imported calfskin and very rare crocodile skin, the convenient and stylish selection.

Q: Can I personalize the watch’s looks and feel please?

A: Yes, it comes with quite a number of customizations ranging from the different types of materials to the colors of the strap, so that you can choose the one that is you.

Q: You can link the watch to my tablet and can use the watch for these purposes; is the watch suitable for this?

A: Yes, watch is suitable for both Android and iOS but it lets you stay in the network and enables you to get notifications.

Q: Does the watch measure sensitively to the movements?

A: To keep you using all the features for the longest period of time the watch’s 260mAh battery is there thus no need to panic about depleting the battery.

Q: Will the watch remain on if you only wear it on special occasions?

A: Yes, this watch has its design for everyday use, plus it features a sturdy and water-proof material that won’t damage even when exposed to harsh weather.

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